Please check the box for the class that you would like to attend. The fees for the morning session are $175 for the season. Fees for the evening sessions are $150 for the season. You Must be a BRPA Member. Season is 14 weeks and begins June 1 – September 3.  Communication will be conducted via FaceBook (“Goybas Bay Ridge Masters), e-mail or text.

Master’s (evening session) – from beginner to intermediate to expert; all swimmers accepted. A paper workout is provided for each session for each different level swimmer. Concentration on all strokes, speed, distance and technique. Practice Times: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:45 – 8:45 PM; starts Tuesday, June 1st. Cost $150 for session. Need a minimum of 12 swimmers for this session to take place.

Master’s (morning session) – a bit more serious swimming but we accept all interested swimmers; beginner to intermediate to expert swimmers; a coached session with primary concentration on distance, speed and technique. Coach will provide a workout each morning and be on-deck. Practice Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, 6:00 – 7:00 AM; starts Wed, June 2nd. Cost $175 for session. This session could continue into September if pool remains open and for an extra fee. Need a minimum of 12 swimmers for this session to be held this season. 

In past years there has been a fun, hardly-competitive meet the last week of August. Due to COVID, we are not planning a meet but if restrictions ease, a meet could take place. Swimmers must adhere to all COVID restrictions and practices on the below form for each session.  

COVID instructions for 2021 season; may be eased as county allows:

  • 2 swimmers per lane; start at opposite ends of pool
  • no changing in rest rooms; come in suit and exit in swim wear post swim
  • BYOG – Bring Your Own Gear – no boards, flips, goggles, fins or pull buoys provided by BRPA
  • rest rooms only for immediate use
  • wash hands frequently
  • participants should wear masks entering and exiting pool facility
  • do not come to swim if you are feeling ill