Please check the box for the class that you would like to attend. The fees for the morning session are $175 for the season. Fees for the evening sessions are $150 for the season. You MUST be a BRPA Member. Season is 14 weeks and begins May 31 – September 2.  Communication will be conducted via FaceBook (“Goybas Bay Ridge Masters), e-mail or text.

Master’s (evening session) – from beginner to intermediate to expert; all swimmers accepted. A paper workout is provided for each session for each different level swimmer. Concentration on all strokes, speed, distance and technique. Practice Times: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:45 – 8:45 PM; starts Tuesday, May 31. Cost $150 for session. Need a minimum of 12 swimmers for this session to take place.

Master’s (morning session) – a bit more serious swimming but we accept all interested swimmers; beginner to intermediate to expert swimmers; a coached session with primary concentration on distance, speed and technique. Coach Megan will provide a workout each morning and be on-deck. Practice Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, 6:00 – 7:00 AM; starts Wednesday, June 1. Cost $175 for session. This session could continue into September if pool remains open and for an extra fee.  Need a minimum of 15 swimmers for this session to be held this season. Max limit 25 – so sign-up early!

In past years there has been a fun, hardly-competitive meet the last week of August.  This year’s meet is TBD. Swimmers must adhere to all COVID restrictions and practices on the below form for each session if any COVID restrictions return during the GOYBAS season.

COVID instructions for 2022 season may include:

  • 2 swimmers per lane; start at opposite ends of pool
  • no changing in rest rooms; come in suit and exit in swim wear post swim
  • BYOG – Bring Your Own Gear – no boards, flips, goggles, fins or pull buoys provided by BRPA
  • rest rooms only for immediate use
  • wash hands frequently
  • participants should wear masks entering and exiting pool facility
  • do not come to swim if you are feeling ill