This page includes the complete text of the COVID waiver you have completed for your information.

As we navigate ever-changing requirements from State and Local Officials plus new guidance on best practices from health experts, we will continue to evaluate and update these rules and restrictions. We ask for your cooperation and assistance in following the rules as they stand now and your patience in understanding that the rules may change.

Pool Entrance Procedures
– Daily health certifications may be required for all members entering the pool.
– Members will be required to sign in and sign out. A new sign in system, MemberSplash, will be in effect.

Use of Pool
– There are no restrictions on guests. Normal guest rules pursuant to the membership agreement apply.
– The Snack Shop will be open. Masks must be worn while making purchases.

Enhanced safety protocols for your safety and that of our guards. These include:
– Face coverings will be worn by guards at all times, except on the stand.
– Members must wear face coverings:
– -When passing the guard desk upon entry or departure
At the snack shop
– -When visiting the rest room
– Members are urged to wear face coverings at all other times.
– Additional signage about social distancing and masks will be posted throughout.
– Hand sanitizer will be provided.

By checking this box, I hereby attest that I have taken responsibility for ensuring that all Members on this household account have read, understand and will abide by these Operating Rules and that, consistent with BRPA Bylaws, my (our) continued membership privileges are contingent on continuing compliance with these Operating Rules.